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2018, Feb 02

Emily and Steve are engaged to be married on August 24, 2018.  Although it is cold outside now, the time will fly by and their date will arrive.  Congratulations to a great couple and to their families, they are a perfect match. 

Jordan and Dan were wed yesterday at Big Bay Park, where the breeze and the shade made the temperature tolerable.  Guests were seated out of doors to witness the nuptials of Jordan and Dan, facilitated by officiant Judith Kubish.  A beautiful element to the ceremony was the passing of the rings, each guest held and sent out intentions for the couple, before the rings were handed off to them for the ritual. Ryan McIntyre provided the background music as the rings were passed and through out the ceremony.  Jaimer Floral designed the bouquets and arrangements, giving the entire ensemble a look of summer.  CAREY provided the limo service for the wedding party.  The Reception took place at The Public Market, located in the historic Third Ward of Milwaukee.  Twelfth Night DJ provided the MC service and rocked the night for all of the dancers.


To see a slideshow click HERE!


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This couple is heading into life’s changes.. New marriage, new job, and new location, we wish the the best in their promising future.   LOLA TOO!

Under the glow of the PABST sign, and a blue moon, everyone partied down to celebrate the marriage of Dan and Claire.

The ceremony took place at the Historic Pabst Brewery, officiated by a close friend of the bride. Friends and family chuckled with the couple as the groom stumbled a bit repeating his vows, Claire however recited loud and clear the words repeated after Chris.  The theme of the celebration was based on hops and brew. The colors of navy and pink gave a special July feel. It was a perfect day.

Sanger House Gardens provided some of the background for the portraiture.

Zach Beierle was the videographer.

Sound by Design rocked the tunes, Tory and Ian were on target all night.

CONGRATULATIONS to Dan and Claire, start writing the new chapter in your lives together.

See slide show HERE.

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Ceremony and Reception: Chenequa Country Club

Florist: Impressions by Esther Fleming
Invites/Paper goods: Etsy
Dress: Sincerity Bridal
Shoes: Lulu Townsend
Suit: Men’s Warehouse
Hair & Make Up: Merril Norman
What a stunning wedding!  We considered ourselves lucky to be at this event, sharing the joy of this couple.  A long time friend, Katrina was a beautiful bride, and the event was planned with attention to every detail.  We could not be happier for Mr. and Mrs. Tyler Morse.  Enjoy your honeymoon, although next time take your experienced art historian with you! 🙂  If you get a chance, visit the Borghese Villa Gallery.


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2014, Jul 23

A gorgeous picture is often not just a “quick click” of the shutter.  It is planned light, placement, diffusion, and WORK, to get it right.  SO even though the people are absolutely beautiful, it takes some know how and a GREAT lighting assistant to make the magic work.  Charlie is not only the mule and brains of this operation, he also keeps folks laughing- all the things that make my job easy.  Thanks Honey for everything you do to make me look good.

So on your wedding day make sure you hire a professional who has the know how to make you look your best.  2014-07-23_0001

Annie and Kevin, were wed yesterday, July 12th at the River Glen Church in Waukesha.  The ceremony was beautifully adorned with floral displays provided by SKW Floral and Decor, LLC.  The service included a wonderful wedding covenant of the pegging together of a unity cross.  The cross was an inner and outer piece, that when put together represented the commitment of two people as one.

A family friend proved some great wheels for transporting the wedding party.  the one of a kind vintage “Caddie” even had a rumble seat.

The reception took place at the wonderfully remodeled The Legends at Merrill Hills.  Signature cocktails matched the aqua color of the attendants outfits, appetizers, and an outstanding dinner were provided for all in attendance.

Bobby Way and the Wayouts Band rocked the dance floor, making the evening complete.

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A fabulous day in the month of May is how we could describe yesterday’s wedding.  Eight years in the making, Shelly and Thien became, Mr. and Mrs. Thien Le.  Both the bride and groom were glowing with happiness all day long.  Shelly and Thien were surrounded by family and friends who support and love them, and all were delighted with this union.

The ceremony and reception took place at Whispering Springs.

A park side cocktail hour was a delight with the warm weather.  The girls wore long plum colored dresses, adorned with gem broaches, and the bride wore a gown as light and fluffy as whipped cream.  Shelly looked radiant.

To see a slide show click this link: Shelly & Thien Slide Show

2014-05-11_0001 2014-05-11_0002 2014-05-11_0003 2014-05-11_0004 2014-05-11_0005 2014-05-11_0006 2014-05-11_0007 2014-05-11_0008 2014-05-11_0009 2014-05-11_0010 2014-05-11_0011 2014-05-11_0012 2014-05-11_0013 2014-05-11_0014 2014-05-11_0015 2014-05-11_0016 2014-05-11_0017 2014-05-11_0018 2014-05-11_0019 2014-05-11_0020 2014-05-11_0021 2014-05-11_0022 2014-05-11_0023 2014-05-11_0024 2014-05-11_0025 2014-05-11_0026 2014-05-11_0027 2014-05-11_0028 2014-05-11_0029 2014-05-11_0030 2014-05-11_0031 2014-05-11_0032 2014-05-11_0033 2014-05-11_0034 2014-05-11_0035 2014-05-11_0036 2014-05-11_0037 2014-05-11_0038 2014-05-11_0039 2014-05-11_0040 2014-05-11_0041 2014-05-11_0042 2014-05-11_0043 2014-05-11_0044




2014, Apr 22

July will be here before they know it, even though occasionally it feels like a lifetime away.  Teresa and Brad are planning a nautical themed wedding, at the South Shore Yacht Club, a pig roast is in the works, and wonderful evening of entertainment.

Here is just a glimpse of what will come in July. 2014-04-22_0001 2014-04-22_0002 2014-04-22_0003 2014-04-22_0004 2014-04-22_0005 2014-04-22_0006 2014-04-22_0007 2014-04-22_0008 2014-04-22_0009 2014-04-22_0010 2014-04-22_0011 2014-04-22_0012 2014-04-22_0013 2014-04-22_0014 2014-04-22_0015 2014-04-22_0016 2014-04-22_0017 2014-04-22_0018 2014-04-22_0019 2014-04-22_0020


2014, Apr 03

Screen Shot 2014-04-03 at 8.44.44 AM Screen Shot 2014-04-03 at 8.45.44 AMThank you to Jessica and Mike, for your kind words, and sharing your wedding with Wisconsin readers.

Long time friends, Mary and Don, became Mr. and Mrs. at Holy Hill Basilica yesterday.  Their ceremony although traditional in it’s ritual was contemporary in feel, having been designed by the couple.  Mary’s beautiful granddaughter Bella, escorted her beloved grandmother to the hand of the groom.  Don, looking rather stoic, soon melted into a smile as he and Mary took that long isle walk.  The warmth of friends, and family surrounded them as they made their way to the altar to exchange words of love, life long commitment, and hear the word of God.

Mary, was classic in her beautiful beaded dusty rose suit, her daughters attended her in preparation for the nuptials.   All sons stood proud as they watched their parents take on a new life of togetherness.

Friends traveled from near and far to share a night of good food, drink, wonderful toasts, and music.

The couple had a family oriented honeymoon night at a water park, where they could enjoy everyone’s laughs and smiles.  No doubt they are still talking about the most PERFECT day they had planned.  2.22.14

2014-02-23_0001 2014-02-23_0002 2014-02-23_0003 2014-02-23_0004 2014-02-23_0005 2014-02-23_0006 2014-02-23_0007 2014-02-23_0008 2014-02-23_0009 2014-02-23_0010

See a slide show of the days events here.